Robust Relocation System

My "Robust Relocation System" programme helps expatriates achieve the most from their international assignment. I designed and developed this programme myself.

This programme consists of several modules, including one specifically about how organizations can maximize their chances of selecting the right candidates. This programme is also offered to the candidates themselves. Furthermore, the programmeencompasses self-management and relationship management, dealing with cultural differences, lack of family support, uncertainty, and returning to your home country.

Programme Content

International assignments encompass various stages, including candidate selection, family preparation, and cultural learning.

Most people do not struggle to make a positive contribution when living and working in a familiar environment.However, when people start working in a foreign environment, they may struggle to transition and function at maximum capacity right away, especially at the beginning of an international assignment. It is not uncommon for expatriates to face stress, loneliness, depression, and burnout due to cultural differences, shifting family dynamics, or personal traits, hindering them from achieving their goals.

I guide organizations and expats alike, ensuringthat the right candidates are selected and that expats make the right choice towards accepting an international assignment. Drawing on both real-life examples and personal experiences, I present practical steps to navigate difficulties effectively. By doing so, I can provide optimal motivation and support, empowering expatriates to successfully accomplish their goals and adopt the right mindset.

Training Objective

The aim of all training by The Expat Coach is to properly support and prepare expats in order for them to complete international assignments effectively and efficiently.

My goal is to help expats get the best possible return for their employers and themselves. I do this by guiding and coaching them intensively throughout their new home-work situation. The first few months are especially critical for expats and their families as many experience significant transitions and changes. By addressing these challenges head-on, I strive to facilitate an optimal contribution of expatriates to any organization and enable desired outcomes to be achieved.

For Whom

This program is designed for expats, line managers, and HR Managers seeking to enhance the success and smooth execution of international assignments. Whether you are planning to relocate or manage expats working on global projects, this training is tailored specifically to meet your needs and designed to prepare expats to the fullest extent possible.


The 'Robust Relocation System' program lasts a total of three days. Throughout this program, I will share advice, guidance, and tips about the various aspects of living and working abroad. Participants' experiences will also be shared.

There is also an assessment which forms a crucial part of the programme. Here, we examine how far along you are on this journey and whether going abroad is something for you. During the assessment, we look at you as a person and how well you adapt and adjust, such as how you deal with uncertainty or cultural differences. We do various exercises on intercultural relations.

I also invite experts who talk about their experiences and set appropriate expectations. These are people who have lived and worked abroad extensively as expats and can tell you all about its benefits and difficulties.


The training is conducted solely by experienced expert practitioners on international assignments. You will delve deeply into those aspects that influence the success of international assignments and the growth mindset that goes with it.

You will broaden your horizon of all the important stages of an international assignment and how you and your family can adapt more easily to another culture in order to successfully navigate an international assignment.

The training is conducted in a group to enable interactive and communal learning. In meetings, we use assessment tools and exercises. Furthermore, there is plenty of room to contribute personal experiences, concerns, expectations, or issues with the trainer and others.

Training location: By arrangement

Study Load

Participants will have a reading assignment to prepare for the first day and a homework assignment for the second day. Both should take no longer than half a day. The third day will require a maximum of two hours. Before the training, handouts with exercises in PDF format will be shared with all participants to prepare them adequately and provide the opportunity to study the materials in advance.

Level of Training

Post-bachelor level

The minimum level required to participate to the training is the middle-level applied education (Dutch MBO level), and we work at post bachelor level

Investment: In consultation, exempt from VAT with regard to CRKBO registration including training materials


Upon successful completion of the training programme, participants will receive the esteemed "Training: The Robust Relocation System" certificate.

Join us to embark on an enriching journey that unlocks your relocation potential, enables a seamless transition, grows your confidence, and fosters unparalleled success in international assignments. Experience the "Robust Relocation System" and embrace your global future with increased confidence, thanks to The Expat Coach

How to Enrol

If you are keen on embarking on the "Robust Relocation System" programme, I encourage you to reach out to me directly. Feel free to directly schedule an appointment through my calendar or fill out the contact form, and I will be delighted to provide you with more information during an initial orientation session.

Join us on this transformative journey, and let the "Robust Relocation System" pave the way for your successful and fulfilling international assignment.

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