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Terms and Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions for all of The Expat Coach’s training and education courses.
1. Agreement
By registering for a training of The Expat Coach you enter into an agreement with us for the duration of the training as stated in the training information and you agree to the terms and conditions as stated here. Should specific conditions apply to the chosen training, these are listed in the training information.
The agreement is concluded as soon as your registration for the training has reached The Expat Coach and The Expat Coach has confirmed receipt. If you register via the Internet, you will immediately receive an e-mail from The Expat Coach confirming the agreement. In the case of registration by mail, confirmation takes place by e-mail.
The agreement with The Expat Coach may be dissolved within 14 calendar days after it has come into effect, free of charge and without giving reasons (right of withdrawal/reflection period).
You make use of the right of withdrawal by sending a clear statement within this period by e-mail that you want to dissolve the agreement. The Expat Coach will then refund the training fee as soon as possible, no later than 14 calendar days after dissolution of the agreement.
1. A Agreement The Robust Relocation System
The Expat Coach would like to check the identity of participants before the start of the training by showing the participant’s ID.
The Expat Coach reserves the right to request additional information, as determined by law, from the participant.
2. Payment terms  
The training fee is attached to the training information and on the Internet. The training fee needs to be fully paid before training. Participants receive an invoice to within 14 days prior to the start of the training.
If you do not pay as agreed, The Expat Coach may deny you access to the training. This does not mean that the agreement between you and The Expat Coach is terminated. If The Expat Coach proceeds with collection proceedings, the associated costs will be at your or your employer’s expense.
3. Study Load  
Recommended pace of study and study load:
This is the average pace of study on which the length of study stated in the training information is based.
The study load corresponds to the number of hours listed in the training information.
4. Information  
If the course of your choice includes a test, you will receive information about this when you register. To take part in the test, you must register on time, meet any admission requirements, and pay your registration fee on time. If you do not pass the required test in one sitting, you are entitled to a free resit within four weeks.
5. Premature termination  
If you wish to terminate the training early, you must notify The Expat Coach in writing. You address your email to The Expat Coach uses a one-week notice period. In case of premature termination, you will owe the full tuition fee. With training from The Expat Coach, you commit yourself for the entire training duration. At registration, you have 14 days for reflection. If The Expat Coach cannot fulfil its obligation to perform its training due to unforeseen circumstances, an automatic refund of the tuition fee follows within 14 days.
6. Complaint Resolution  
The Expat Coach makes every effort to avoid errors. Should you nevertheless have complaints, please report them to to the attention of Mohamed Ittidar. You will receive written confirmation of receipt of the complaint within 5 business days. If a longer time is needed to investigate, the participant will be notified within 4 weeks explaining the delay; in addition, an indication will be given as to when they expect to be able to give a definitive answer. The complaints procedure is public (website and training information). A complaint will always be handled confidentially. Complaints and how they are handled will be registered and kept for six months. Any liability of The Expat Coach is limited to a maximum of the tuition fee paid by you. Should you not be satisfied with the offered solution, please file a companint an independent third party, Mr. A. Mehraz The judgment of the said appeal procedure is binding for The Expat Coach; any consequences will be dealt with by The Expat Coach within 14 days.
7. The Personal Data Protection Act  
Within the framework of the WBP, we inform you that all data provided by you will be included in our automated records. These will be processed internally and used for responsible customer management and business operations, such as being able to register participants, send materials, perform coaching, and send information about our training courses or related information. The Expat Coach will not provide your information to third parties without your explicit consent. You have the right to access and correct your data. The Expat Coach adheres to confidentiality agreements regarding businesssensitive information on business situations, work processes, client groups, and strategies. All information provided by participants is confidential to The Expat Coach, its employees, and the teachers/trainers.
8. Change conditions  
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the terms of enrolment are subject to change by The Expat Coach. Changes will be announced at least ten calendar days before they take effect by personal notice or general publication on The Expat Coach’s website.
9. Ownership/copyright  
Ownership of all training materials rests with The Expat Coach. This also applies to The Expat Coach’s own publications (copyright).
10. Secrecy  
All information provided by clients and/or participants is confidential to The Expat Coach, its staff and trainers. Consider confidentiality statements regarding company situation, work processes, client groups, and strategies
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