Working method

Intake Interview

1-on-1 coaching with The Expat Coach always starts following the programme 'Robust Relocation System.' We get to know each other and assess what I can do for you in the ways of preparation, coaching, and advice. Together, we will start implementing the Robust Relocation System. A lack of support is one of the most common reasons why international assignments experience frequent failure. By choosing the Robust Relocation System, you increase your chances of successful international assignments.

Coaching Plan

After the intake interview, I draw up a detailed coaching plan. This will encompass your situation, the goals you want to achieve, and the duration of the coaching. It describes step-by-step the exact results we are working towards and in which timeframe they should be achieved.

During the Coaching

During the coaching, we will be busy mapping your current situation, setting expectations, and selecting appropriate strategies. This is to really understand what you are up against and where the real difficulties are. We reframe these to solve them.

We also identify the needs of you as a person and your family. This involves looking at your current level of resources, which we then try to increase. We also take a detailed look at the barriers you face. I then give you targeted guidance and advice to overcome them.

After the Coaching

After the coaching period is over, we will continue to stay in touch to address any additional difficulties, novelties, or issues. Chances are that as you start to transition, you may bump into additional challenges. I am here to guide you through the different stages of international assignments and the expat process.

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